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Pip E-Lysaah, The Red Queen


She's a sultry brunette with a passion for dance, beginning with those ballet classes at 5 years old and traversing through contemporary, modern, hip hop and even a little irish dance before discovering yoga, Rak Sharki and then her true love of Tribal and Fusion Belly Dance.


She's a promoter, bringing international belly dance stars to New Zealand to educate her fellow dancers and scintillate audiences.


She's a well rounded diva with just enough attitude to entertain but not to annoy :)  A regular performer at Cafe Istanbul in Wellington, and in cabaret shows.


Building on  the community of Belly Dance, Pip E-Lysaah has been responsible for influencing many top teachers and performers around New Zealand, setting them up as teachers and encouraging their per formance.




Her classes reflect a structured environment and can be tailored to work with what is best for the student. Classes will target muscle groups and use yoga poses for stretching and focus. E-Lysaah has worked with troupes and individuals, developed improvised arrangements for groups and run general level workshops. 


ALL classes involve isolation, muscle control and strong posture


She has trained directly with teachers such as: Zoe Jakes, Rachel Brice, Kami Liddle, Mira Betz, Amy Sigil, Heather Stants, Suhaila Salimpour, The Lady Fred, Melusina, Gendi Te Keepa, putting in a minimum of 52 hrs of contact study a year.


If you want to improve your belly dance under her unique & driving instruction, E-Lysaah can help you out.


FatChance ATS General Skills certified

Certified Cultivation Graduate of Rachel Brice's 8 Elements program



A dedicated performer, creating a unique and powerful performance for every event.


Pip E-Lysaah has been a regular restaurant dancer since 2009, features as part of Cabaret events in Wellington, a highlight performer at international events, and just genuinely loves to entertain.

Under the banner of the Red Queens, E-Lysaah wrangles a revolving group of tribal and cabaret dancers who get together to perform quirky, often outrageous forms of belly dance. The dancers are often members of other troupes and this freeform group gives them an opportunity to step outside their regular personas and into something a little more shocking. Red Queen artists are not a troupe in themselves, but an outlet for artistic forms.
Or if you just need some laid-back fun entertainment, Pip E-Lysaah can help out.