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Regular Classes


Venue: 3 Farrelly Grove, Lower Hutt

Tuesday 7 - 8 pm

Wednesday 6 - 7.30 pm

Thursday 7 - 8 pm

Saturday 10.30 -11.30 am

Venue: Koraunui Community Centre, Stokes Valley

*Fortnightly Friday 6.30 - 7.30 pm


WhatsupPip - Beginners Belly Dance

Wednesdays @ 6 pm

Thursdays @ 7 pm

Saturday @ 10.30 am

*Fortnightly Friday @ 6.30 pm

Belly dance for those who are new to the syle.  We will cover some technique, posture, concepts and stylizations to set you up for modern belly dance.

Pipfluence - Drilling and Combinations

Tuesdays @ 7 pm

Beyond Beginners through Advanced Learners

We will cover and touch on all things belly dance; Posture, Movements, Props, Rhythms & Musicality and Styles, along with essentials from ATS/ITS/TF and General Belly Dance.

We will cover the essentials from ATS/ITS/TF and General Belly Dance, along with the foundational movements to begin combinations and choreography

You commit to coming, I commit by being there :)

Class Cost is by Koha basis - pay what you can and can afford

*Recommended rates is $10-$25

Where something comfortable you can move it and bring a yoga mat and water bottle.